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Oct 022012

Video about ampgard:

Control voltages and contactor dropout times are programmed using a DIP switch located on the control board. ABS American Bureau of Shipping develops and verifies standards for design, construction and operational maintenance of marinerelated facilities. The output is adjustable across the full range 0 50 Vdc.


Grounding clips provide a positive grounding of the starter and main fuses when the isolating switch is opened. By comparing the fuse curve with the contactor rating, it can be observed that for faults greater than amperes, the fuse will open before the contactor. Bump on transition to full voltage.



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  1. The addition of incoming line metering requires a 6-inch 94 mm wide structure in lieu of a 4-inch 60 mm wide structure. The total structure rating cannot exceed 70 amperes for a combination of two starters.

  2. The contactors consist of a molded frame with moving armature, magnet and vacuum interrupters. Reactor Starter Advantages Reduces starting currents.

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