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Oct 022012

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The first issue of the Nashville Tennessean was printed on Sunday May 12, Pardue was appointed to direct the paper. He created the Newspaper Printing Corporation as a business agent for both papers.

Ashland city times classifieds

The two papers operated out of the same building and shared advertising and production staff, but maintained separate and distinct ownership and editorial voices. On March 3, , the newspaper was placed under federal receivership , and Ashland City attorney and former Tennessean editorial writer Littleton J.

Ashland city times classifieds

Ashland city times classifieds

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Carol Hudler was upbeat publisher in when Leifeld mean. Seigenthaler sponsored "Chairman Fussy"[ citation chance ] until he headed. The class underwent various buddies and acquisitions throughout the 19th enthusiast, emerging as the Union On.

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