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Oct 022012

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The work could help identify patterns of likely voting in advance of referendums and plebiscites, and feed into polling information, they suggest. Interventions and information intended to reduce risk need to treat online dating and hooking up online as the 'norm'. This work has implications for opinion dynamics, public opinion modelling, and polling.


The results suggest that the use of online dating to meet sexual and romantic partners has largely displaced other methods of meeting partners. Men are more likely to meet via online methods these days than through other means, but risky behaviour occurs regardless of where men meet. These days most men meet their long term partners on the net; not just one-off sexual contacts.



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  1. The overwhelming majority of men surveyed, regardless of age, had met their current partner online, particularly in recent years. The Irish Marriage Referendum How can emotions help understand debates on social media?

  2. The results of this study suggest that comparisons between men who use online dating methods to meet partners and those who do not are probably more correctly described nowadays as comparisons between men who are actively seeking sexual and romantic partners and those who are not.

  3. The structure of interaction networks, combined with the activity level of users and sentiment can help to find 'yes' or 'no' supporters. We study the relationship between social structure and sentiment by examining tweets about the Irish Marriage Referendum.

  4. Interventions and information intended to reduce risk need to treat online dating and hooking up online as the 'norm'. The Royal Society Integrating sentiment and social structure to determine preference alignments:

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