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Oct 022012

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This will enable those schools to go on teaching, at everyone's expense, the superstitious nonsense that Hawking tried to teach us is unworthy of our species' intelligence. The faithful here are surrounded by light.

Australia atheist

Those reporting no religion increased noticeably from 19 per cent in to 30 per cent in Census provides snapshot of Australia The Census was conducted online for the first time this year.

Australia atheist

Australia atheist

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  1. First came the death of the brightest and best of our global band, physicist and cosmologist and all-round genius Stephen Hawking. So what will Australia, and places like Kings Cross, be like with no religion, no spiritual answers to the questions we ask ourselves when confronted with issues of life, death and sin?

  2. To encourage and to provide a means of expression for informed free-thought on philosophical and social issues. As well as being a setback for state schools, the news will give new pain to atheists and agnostics.

  3. Michael Mucci Then it emerged this week that Bill Shorten has just promised that a Shorten Labor government will rain down even more manna from Heaven i. Ms Mozaffar is not alone.

  4. Thousands of young, muscled and scantily clad kids are headed for a day of hedonism and bad music at Field Day, a roll-on from the carnage of the night before. In the first uncertain hours of , you can still see evidence of the joy and carnage from the night before:

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