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Oct 022012

Video about b4udecide ie website:

Girls who had sex under age 17 were three times more likely to have an abortion in their lifetime. How teenagers differ is in their ability to cope with and respond to these pressures. In doing this, we can help them face the many challenges that they encounter during early adolescence and not rush into sexual activity at an early age".

B4udecide ie website

State organisations, parents, teachers and youth workers must work together to ensure that all young people are similarly equipped with the knowledge and confidence to handle the pressures they experience and make healthy, informed decisions about relationships and sex. Age of Consent The Irish Contraception and Crisis Pregnancy Study published found that the median age for first sex remained stable between and at 17 years of age for men, and increased slightly for women, from 17 years to 18 years of age.

B4udecide ie website

B4udecide ie website

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