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Oct 022012

Video about baby oil personal lubricant:

The good thing is some popular brands also use ingredients that cause tingling or warming sensation during sex to enhance lovemaking. You can find water-based lubricants in two different variations. The basic benefit of lubricants is that they can make your genital tissues moist and enhance sexual fun.

Baby oil personal lubricant

Silicone-based lube can be more difficult to rinse off, and some women note vaginal irritation if they don't wash away silicone products directly after intercourse. The good thing is some popular brands also use ingredients that cause tingling or warming sensation during sex to enhance lovemaking. It has ingredients required to keep your baby's skin soft and tender — it also helps retain moisture for long.

Baby oil personal lubricant

Baby oil personal lubricant

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  1. A lubricant is often used with condoms to decrease irritation from latex, but can also be used on its own. For women prone to yeast infections, glycerin can increase the likelihood of contracting one to be fair, some oil-based lubricants, like baby oil, can do the same.

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