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Oct 022012

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Anni Hogan was a goth club DJ who went on to work with Almond on a number of different releases. Williams eventually went on to other musical projects, and his own version of Christian Death, but in the mid '90s, he lost the legal rights to the name to Kand in court. This album wins the super-goth award for its title alone.

Best goth

The result was captured on this best-of their early stuff: No spam, we promise.

Best goth

Best goth

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Christian Junk's close album, Only Theater of American pretty much put the Side deathrock esteem on best goth map. Many bands formed around the same plus, sharing a camaraderie during their formative years. Best goth

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  1. Spiritwalker sent a thousand indie discos into chicken-dancing frenzies, while A Flower In The Desert is the forgotten gem. And it could be argued that it was the audience that created goth, as eventually any band adopted by the goth crowd became gothic by association, whether or not their music fitted the bill.

  2. Each of their three records serves as a snapshot of the current state of 4AD, and their second delves deepest into the darkness for a wild, insular listen.

  3. The highlight is "Black Heart," an emotional depiction of heartbreak that showcases Almond's knack for vivid storytelling.

  4. Touched By Jesus is as evocative and deviant as the title suggests — not a religious song at all.

  5. From the start, the band took in many influences, including a darker twist on psychedelic music, hard rock, post-punk, an orchestrated, industrial sound, and a mysterious, dark cowboy style that saw the band constantly in all black, leather, and boots. Their second record remains a high benchmark of the era, a slow burn record of impressionistic beauty and burning embers.

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