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Oct 022012

Video about bi curious encounters:

My bowls looked like plates, and my cylinders which were supposed to be symmetric looked like something out of Dr. We drank and we sculpted, and we talked about art, and one thing lead to another and we started kissing. We both lived in different cities at the time so even when she was in the US, I rarely got to see her.

Bi curious encounters

Letting someone with more experience take the lead initially is easier, and learning by example is pleasurable to say the least. The secret pledge meeting spot basically became our designated hookup destination.

Bi curious encounters

Bi curious encounters

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  1. Most people that explore bi-curiosity will not have some sort of revelation about themselves during or after the act. As Kinsey's research showed, sexual fluidity is a normal human trait that occurs often.

  2. If you're a lesbian you'll find a guy to sleep with because it means major bro points for them.

  3. My friend told me the experience is way better outside, but I figured since it had been several hours the trip would wear out. Let's say you're a straight girl.

  4. She took me back into the room where the professor kept the glaze, and when I got back to my dorm that night, I found little dried chunks of it in my hair. And if you're a gay guy wanting to experiment with a girl, I reckon lots of straight women would be open-minded and understanding of the fact.

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