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Oct 022012

Video about biting lips when kissing:

Keep your lips slightly parted so you are capable of breathing through the opening, and you are able to bite your bottom lip easily. This, of course, will probably be a major turn off, and you may find your kissing partner a little less eager to lean in for another smooch the next time around — if that time comes around at all.

Biting lips when kissing

Holding back and building up to a passionate kiss also keeps your partner interested. Or, make gentle bites a part of role-play, particularly when the theme centers around being naughty in bed.

Biting lips when kissing

Biting lips when kissing

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  1. People kiss on the lips, not the mouth. Prevent your kisses from becoming monotonous and boring.

  2. Narrow in on the upper or lower lip—never aim for the whole mouth itself. Movie kisses are often more intense and dramatic than everyday kisses for a narrative purpose.

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