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Oct 022012

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Like their ancestors, for centuries before, Bokelji cook the fish soup by counting on their fingers. Mladen, Serbia Comfortable bed.


And Jane urged to add the last ingredient - about half a decilitre of white wine, so that the fish did not break down during cooking. All just fine, for the price.



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  1. Sea smells sometimes of the fish, sometimes fresh as a cold watermelon. There's more to be felt in this soup.

  2. If there is hake or grouper, the soup is greasy and delicious. At Tivat markets, you will find a small catch of fishermen if you are a morning person.

  3. She took a 5-liter pot, laid potatoes, plucked on the plates, and on the bottom of the pot, added two onions sliced in the same way. Great neigbourhood, 15min from centre by walk.

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