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Oct 022012

Video about blackned:

If we can take care of secured information exchange in different domains, we can build federated communication. At the moment, we are working with more than five NATO nations on agile development and adoption in relation to specific operational needs. For example, with a normal EPC, there are generally more than 10, parameters you can set within it.


Where do you believe the sector — and the technology — will go in the future? What are the other specific technical challenges when it comes to operating on the front line?



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Reader Comments

  1. We believe that through the adoption of a powerful, commercially available technology like LTE we will have a chance at basic interoperability.

  2. All nations are currently facing questions about the deployment of LTE technology in the field, as well as the higher data rates required for military use. Open standards and interfaces allow deep integration for required battlefield management services.

  3. Are there any particular issues when it comes to working with the military on an organisational level? We reduced that down to around 25 values, with the rest provisioned through the gathering of information by the solution.

  4. On top of that, the more systems you integrate, the more complex things become. Some forces are already talking about equipping every soldier with a smartphone, which would mean an end to bringing laptops into the field.

  5. How about specific environments, such as desert terrain or the jungle? Today, on international missions, radios are not necessarily compatible with each other.

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