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Oct 022012

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Retrieved 13 April Today[ edit ] Blairgowrie is located near the western tip of the Mornington Peninsula , between Sorrento and Rye , and is one of many popular holiday destinations for Melburnians along this narrow peninsula strip.

Blairgowrie melbourne

Supplied The house offered coastal flair inside and out. Divers should aim to visit the site at slack-water, since there can be a strong undercurrent.

Blairgowrie melbourne

Blairgowrie melbourne

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  1. In the shallow waters close to the beach, a patient snorkeler might discover a seahorse hiding among the long brown algae.

  2. The MCG is within walking distance of the city centre and is served by the Richmond railway station, Richmond, and the Jolimont railway station, East Melbourne. They also emphasize the various ways in which the residents interact with their living environment — the play of light on the walls and through windows and doorways, the feel of materials and textures, the breezes and airflow throughout the building, and of course, the views and vistas at different times of the day and during different seasons.

  3. Inside, it featured timber panelling, timber floors, cathedral ceilings with exposed beams in main living area and a lower level rumpus room. On the sandy sea floor, flathead, rays and even the odd stargazer lie camouflaged.

  4. Conveniently, a second ladder midway along the pier allows snorkelers to choose to swim just the shallow or the deep half of the pier, and is an easier entry point for divers. Non-toxic materials, low-energy appliances, recycled timbers were also selected for the same reason.

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