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Oct 022012

Video about blou wilde bees:

Themeda triandra , Digitaria macroblephara and Pennisetum mezianum. Matings may be repeated several times and may take place twice or more times within a minute.

Blou wilde bees

One study showed, along with other ungulates, wildebeests responded more strongly to the baboon alarm calls compared to the baboon contest calls, though both types of calls had similar patterns, amplitudes, and durations. Herds of nonterritorial bachelor males roam at will and do not seem to have any restrictions on where they wander.

Blou wilde bees

Blou wilde bees

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  1. In the female, all except a pair of very large submetacentric chromosomes were found to be acrocentric. The longest muzzles are found in the Nyassaland wildebeest, and the shortest in female western white-bearded wildebeest.

  2. Body language used by a territorial male includes standing tall with an erect posture, profuse ground pawing and horning, frequent defecation, rolling and bellowing, the sound "ga-noo" being produced.

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