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Oct 022012

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Why [do] the police and the Bench allow this foul den, the chief customers of which are thieves and prostitutes, to exist in the centre of a respectable city There is hardly an emigrant ship that enters our harbour but in the course of a few days you will observe some of the newcomers from it pursuing evil ways I shall not speak of the hansom cabmen and the part some of them play in this repellent drama of real life.

Brothel in adelaide

Unostentatiously, sedulously and humanely was this work pursued, 'prevention' being the watchword inscribed on all efforts of the society and it was encouraging that, largely owing to these efforts, The Criminal Law Amendment Act was passed giving to the women of South Australia a larger amount of legal protection than women enjoy in any other colony of Australia. It was felt that something in the shape of a home should be provided, so that those poor outcasts, anxious to reform, might be assisted to do so. This procedure was carried out on a regular basis and, in October , I was invited to accompany one of the workers and presently we found ourselves in the vicinity of a large public room filled with men and women, laughing.

Brothel in adelaide

Brothel in adelaide

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  1. This page can't load Google Maps correctly. After a chat with each one, six were persuaded to return with us to the Gospel service, while other workers wearing a white cross on the left shoulder came in accompanied by a number of girls.

  2. The law on the subject is a most glaring instance of legislation directed only against the poor and unfortunate The work of reform

  3. And can the police escape their share of the consequence, in peace disturbed, property made insecure, and person endangered?

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