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Oct 022012

Video about brutal truths about life:

When was the last time you found yourself this way? Sometimes we need to head into the storm to appreciate the light and have a renewed passion for the beauty of life.

Brutal truths about life

This means taking risk and doing things differently. Your obsession with finding happiness is what prevents its attainment. Stop pretending that you're invincible.

Brutal truths about life

Brutal truths about life

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  1. You can't control the past, and you can't predict the future, and trying to do so only removes you from the one thing you can control--the present. Time always flows and it flows forward.

  2. Time is your most valuable asset. Train yourself to respond in a way that leads to better outcomes.

  3. Your achievements and successes won't matter on your death bed. To live in comfort, be productive and do everything to reach that goal.

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