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Oct 022012

Video about bushwalking hobart:

A good rain jacket is essential at any time of year. Get your boots on and get walking.

Bushwalking hobart

Greg Faull While the top of the mountain is often windy and chilly, stick closer to Fern Tree and you will find a range of walks such as the Silver Falls Loop — plus there is a park with a playground and public toilets right near car parking. There are easy walks around Risdon Brook Dam for tiny tackers, but older children may like the challenge of walking up Mount Direction for the views. The site includes tracks and trail both within and beyond the Park, for walkers, bikers and horse riders.

Bushwalking hobart

Bushwalking hobart

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  1. While you need to pay for a National Parks Pass, the Russell Falls in Mt Field National Park, an hour-and-a-half north of Hobart, has great access for prams and wheelchairs as well as small humans. Take the correct items for your walk as detailed in the equipment list.

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