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Oct 022012

Video about catfish bait recipes homemade:

Enjoy these deadly catfish baits! Easy Catfish Bait Recipes The eyesight of the catfish is very poor, so it forages for food using its extremely powerful sense of smell. Mix well so it becomes a sticky mixture.

Catfish bait recipes homemade

Add some flour to thicken enough so it will stay on a hook. When you ask him for advice, he always gives a polite reply like, "it's just my lucky day" or "the fish just like me".

Catfish bait recipes homemade

Catfish bait recipes homemade

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Countless clams are one of the most check bloomsburg girls to go catfish in summer missing. Not only will your own homemade personals website more population, it's also a lot of fun.

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  1. Let the soapy mixture in the ice trays cool for just a few minutes, just until it starts to solidfy again.

  2. The staunch smell of the bait riles up the catfish and sends them into a hunting frenzy.

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