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Oct 022012

Choosing between spouse and elderly parent

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And often, whoever experiences it feels as if these reactions are selfish. But other days she acted strangely. As tempting as it sounds to say no to anyone who offers help, you have to learn to do the opposite of what your gut tells you.

Choosing between spouse and elderly parent

But as important as my mother's well-being is to me, I didn't marry her. She said she had been worried for months.

Choosing between spouse and elderly parent

Choosing between spouse and elderly parent

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  1. Frustration and fatigue, if not vented out the right way, can be the foundations of a very unhappy environment. What matters is that you show your appreciation for each other, and that you do activities that help strengthen your bond.

  2. Taking care of the caregiver, supporting the caregiver, consoling the caregiver and loving the caregiver. In marriages and relationships, no one really thinks of their partner caring for an aging parent until it starts happening.

  3. My brother and his partner visit Mom for a weekend every few months — another welcome respite.

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