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Oct 022012

Video about chris hadnagy social engineering:

Her superpowers involve laughter, sarcasm and the ability to create new meanings for words jennisms. Lover of color coded lists and organization.

Chris hadnagy social engineering

Just a few years ago, we decided to start writing a course on social engineering and how it is used by penetration testers and security enthusiasts. Her Super Powers involve head shaking and eye rolling.

Chris hadnagy social engineering

Chris hadnagy social engineering

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  1. In her spare time, she likes to hang out with animals, frolic through the mountains, and always wishes it was snowing outside. Her super powers are the ability to find a way to take a selfie no matter what is happening around her and to find a way to ensure she is in at least 1 out of every 4 pictures she takes.

  2. His super powers involve a real ability to heal from almost death in record time, an uncanny level of patience while working under "the Hulk", and an almost irritating level of frugality.

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