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Oct 022012

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I was just thinking of you because we had this family friend who passed away from cancer today. Devotional books, plaques or pictures can be given with meaningful quotes or religious verses to express sympathy and encourage the bereaved.

Condolences e card

Some of these items can be engraved or embroidered with information about the deceased providing a lasting tribute. Often specific requests regarding flowers will be mentioned in the obituary or available from the funeral home. When a family is mourning a loss, it is common to provide support and comforting items.

Condolences e card

Condolences e card

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  1. Some gifts, like flowers or food baskets , might be sent to the funeral home or location of the services, depending on the circumstances and purpose of the gift.

  2. So McDowell started writing nontraditional sympathy cards. Occasionally condolence gifts are sent after the funeral and mourning period is over, perhaps marking a specific holiday or anniversary.

  3. In many instances, items that can be taken home after the funeral provide comfort beyond the days of immediate grief.

  4. We sincerely hope you enjoyed using our Condolences and Sympathy Messages and that it helped someone in their time of sorrow. Share Quotes to social apps.

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