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Oct 022012

Video about crane operator meme:

These findings may provide both academic and industrial implications in understanding other new types of memes such as innovation [ 15 ], rumor [ 19 ], and viral marketing [ 14 , 28 ]. The spread of rumors and the detection for its source are studied with classical susceptible-infected SI model [ 19 ].

Crane operator meme

In addition, while most existing studies are concerned with aggregate measures for meme ranking, the scheme presented here allows more fine-grained characterization on information diffusion among online users. Both the cascades and infections are postulated to be conditionally independent in their propagation model. Recently, several top-down approaches have been developed to characterize meme dynamics, which is critical in accessing the evolution and mutation of online memes [ 4 ].

Crane operator meme

Crane operator meme

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