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Oct 022012

Video about creep meter:

After the grout has set, the instrument detects deformation of the rock. Because the piers are anchored to about 2 meters depth, they are subject to the influence of seasonal winter rainfall. A resistance bridge that locates the position of a bubble under a concave quartz lens is used for both shallow and deep borehole tiltmeters.

Creep meter

The precision to which tilt can be measured is less than 1 part per billion i. Tiltmeters are calibrated using theoretical earth tides in the solid earth with ocean loading corrections. For crustal monitoring applications, these instruments are mostly installed in boreholes to avoid spurious ground tilts produced by differential thermal expansion in near-surface materials, rainfall and pumping effects.

Creep meter

Creep meter

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  1. Typically, an invar wire or a graphic rod is anchored to one pier and is stretched across the fault.

  2. Its displacement relative to the second pier is measured electronically and checked periodically with a mechanical measurement. Tiltmeters are calibrated using theoretical earth tides in the solid earth with ocean loading corrections.

  3. These instruments measure strain in three directions, degrees apart a fourth redundant component is also included at 90 degrees with a differential capacitance displacement transducer.

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