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Oct 022012

Video about definition of stonewalling:

Internal, mental maps are dedicated to tracking the emotional, cognitive and even physical whereabouts of your spouse. And when these efforts fail, the internal response for your spouse is predictable.

Definition of stonewalling

Stonewalling is, in short, emotional disengagement. The initial feelings of terror — which are usually below the water line of awareness - are typically followed by secondary feelings of anger and, then, aggressive efforts to get some emotional reaction - any emotional reaction - even a negative one.

Definition of stonewalling

Definition of stonewalling

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  1. He stopped trying to speak. The reality that her emotional experience has become my own is unpleasant; I don't like to feel pain and I don't like to see her in pain.

  2. Men are more likely to stonewall and by the time that a guy is stonewalling on a regular basis, a relationship is in trouble.

  3. And to think that I could have married Donald Hoffman! I allowed Sally to continue for another minute, noting that her anger was increasing as Ed disengaged.

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