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Oct 022012

Video about different kisses:

Look at their lips When someone wants to kiss and be kissed, they unconsciously look at the other person's lips. The only difference between this kiss and the French kiss is the fact that the teeth are also put into use. This type of kiss is very easy to execute but it may take years to master.

Different kisses

Superman Kiss This one is for the athletic, adventurous couple. A peck can also spark romance between two people. This is why it is also known as tongue kissing.

Different kisses

Different kisses

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  1. Nobody wants a tongue thrust into their mouth without some warming up. Plus, it gives your sweetie something to hang up on their wall, or to touch and remember you by if you're not there with them.

  2. You could even work your way up all the way up from the feet and toes if you really want to spoil them! It also involves light biting and sucking.

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