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Oct 022012

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He is buried in the Colon cemetery in Havana. The story of Hubert de Blank exhilarates me. The name that her audience baptized her with for many years!

Ed sheenan

Eventually, de Blanck was forced into exile as a result of his politics, particularly his pro-independence activism. It is the typical music of our ancestry. These are the themes that I wrote many years ago and that tell a story.

Ed sheenan

Ed sheenan

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  1. Hubert de Blanck incorporated the music and rhythms of Cuban into his musical life. Opera singer and writer of reviews of opera and other artistic activities, she is President of Owlsong Productions, Inc.

  2. Hubert de Blanck incorporated the music and rhythms of Cuban into his musical life.

  3. A singer with a lot of Charisma that fills the audience with sold out shows. I have many songs written, since I like to write and every day I get inspired more!.

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