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Oct 022012

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The Ekhako was often invoked when a disgrace disturbed their homes. Latest tradition has the Ekeko "smoke" a lit cigarette once a year to ensure a full year of prosperity. Years before, she had left the hacienda where they both had grown up.


Some versions can be carried in necklaces or key chains. Years before, she had left the hacienda where they both had grown up.



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  1. Isidoro was enrolled in the indigenous army, and he manage to reach Paulina's house. Before her departure, Isidoro gave her a small statue to protect her.

  2. That is the origin of the beliefs of Ekeko's powers in providing abundance. Etymology[ edit ] The name Ekeko comes from the alteration of the original term Ekhako or Eqaqo, popularized as Ekhekho which was the ancient god of fortune and prosperity in the Qullasuyu.

  3. Ekeko should be placed in a place of honor at home. Banknotes are often clipped to the Ekeko as offerings, but some statuettes allow for a cigarette to be lit as an offering.

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