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Oct 022012

Video about elevator pitch on yourself:

An advantage to using an elevator pitch when speaking about your career or aspirations is that you can take the lead. No one wants to help someone who is wishy-washy. Elevator pitches are sometimes thought to be specific to an idea or a product, but having a pitch to sell yourself as a professional is a common use case for elevator pitches, too.

Elevator pitch on yourself

Be mindful of rushing through it or trying to add in too much information. More advice on making great introductions:

Elevator pitch on yourself

Elevator pitch on yourself

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  1. In line at the grocery store, at a cocktail party or networking event, maybe even in an actual elevator, the pitch can quickly help new contacts understand why they should connect with you or consider you when an opportunity arises.

  2. Avoid niche words and phrases Using acronyms, technical terms or industry-specific words and phrases can limit your elevator pitch by confusing or alienating your audience. Your elevator pitch could the beginning of a new opportunity, so draft, review, refine and deliver with confidence.

  3. Mario Schulzke is the creator of CareerSparx, an online course that helps recent college graduates begin their careers.

  4. People hire people and help people who they like. I have a background in Business Analytics with just over 10 years experience creating data-driven solutions for various business problems.

  5. Asking friends or family for feedback can be useful for this step. Along with my 7 years of professional experience, I recently received my MBA with a focus on consumer trust and retention.

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