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Oct 022012

Video about farmersonly com ad:

But she mostly talked to city guys who couldn't relate to a farmer's lifestyle. If it is — then I need to move to the farm and join the NRA.

Farmersonly com ad

He noted that there are five different age groups who come to the sight. And he gets tons of testimonials of its success.

Farmersonly com ad

Farmersonly com ad

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  1. Paramount to the slim pickings in town, he spent long days managing his farm and cattle, getting time away from the farm was a rare occurrence.

  2. I wrote her, and we started writing for three months. Next there are the to year-olds who realize their age and the fact that they haven't met someone yet because they have been married to their work.

  3. The eye-catching farmers-only ads feature a city slicker versus a farmer in slapstick comedy.

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