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Oct 022012

Video about female breadwinners divorce:

The British court system has historically favoured ongoing maintenance agreements which require husbands to support their wives indefinitely more than other countries, which tend to favour cash settlements and shorter-term arrangements. Operating as a team to divide assets and create child-sharing schedules not only saves money in attorney fees and court fees, it makes the process less stressful for you and for your children.

Female breadwinners divorce

You may have to pay for HIS attorney- If you are the higher earner in the marriage, you may be forced to cover the brunt of the fees associated with this process. Kevin Avent is open about his reservations when it comes to women who earn more. Times have changed and divorce courts are not as concerned with differences in gender as you may think.

Female breadwinners divorce

Female breadwinners divorce

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  1. The optimal time is NOT when he is unemployed or otherwise financially unstable. Be willing to give in on some things in an effort to bring closure to this chapter.

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