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Oct 022012

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Warren also had a rocky relationship with his wife, Vashti Perry. Visitors to the bridge which is located on public hunting ground; canoes and kayaks also flow through there during the summer claim all sorts of phenomena: Locals have known this location as Hell's Bridge for years.

Freaky locals

A week before Vashti's murder, Warren had, in a chipper manner, told his attorney he had reconciled with his wife. It is illegal to be in a cemetery past dusk, and the cops patrol this one pretty frequently due to the popularity of this legend. Hell's Bridge - Just south of the Algoma Township offices, off a dirt parking lot on Friske Road, lies a pathway leading to an incredibly unstable metal bridge.

Freaky locals

Freaky locals

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  1. On the evening of August 26, , the Randalls took a carriage ride, perhaps in an attempt by Warren to reconcile.

  2. As the story goes, the property used to hold a house belonging to Warren and Virginia Randall. The Department of Health was contacted and came to investigate, finding a gruesome scene within the home.

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