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Oct 022012

Video about fully fashioned stocking:

Pull your hosiery up your leg. Nylon stockings were created in the s by a company called Du Pont. The flat sheet of nylon is cut to the shape of a leg, then folded in half and sewn to create a tube.

Fully fashioned stocking

An email will be sent to you confirming your return information when we have processed it. Nylon stocking manufacturers are generally very small and few of them remain.

Fully fashioned stocking

Fully fashioned stocking

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  1. The RHT has no keyhole, no fancy heel and most importantly, no seam, although it should be noted that seamed RHTs are available but the seam is decorative only.

  2. Images taken from http: Pay the postage costs, we would advise you get free proof of posting at your Post Office for this.

  3. Reinforced Heel - A darkened area around the heel is also created to secure the heel and sole of the stockings together. A fully-fashioned stocking is a fascinating piece of engineering, and everyone should have the pleasure of sliding their legs into this fading piece of history, at least once in my opinion.

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