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Oct 022012

Video about gaslighting mother:

The abusers will say and do things to make their victims question their own sanity, memories of events, values, and beliefs. Like that time I was called into school because you were caught fighting. Gaslighting is one of the ways they will seek to do this.

Gaslighting mother

Instead of knowing what to expect, the victim will forever remain unsure which version of their abuser they will face each day. What this does is it keeps the victim hoping for a positive outcome. While the examples in this section refer specifically to a parent-child relationship, gaslighting can involve any family members.

Gaslighting mother

Gaslighting mother

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  1. But what choice do you have when you are too young to leave? Recognizing it is the first step toward combating its harmful effects.

  2. I stopped fighting with her about her lies and distorted facts because I realized it was a losing battle and a war that I was not interested in winning.

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