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Oct 022012

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The latter lies only a little higher, but has an acidic substrate of siliceous rock at least in part, and lies above a higher and more constricted part of the Greenbrier Valley. There are also current expressions which, with time, we will expand.

Gay knob

View of mountain to the west. Mountain Ridges are an elevation with a narrow, elongated crest which can be part of a hill or mountain.

Gay knob

Gay knob

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  1. From road cuts, where past erosion has not been too severe, soils appear deep, with the characteristically poorly-defined horizons and dark color of the mull type.

  2. The ancients believed that mountains formed the foundation of the world, that mountains surround the world and provide a resting place for the firmament an inverted, transparent bowl separating the heavens from the earth , and that gods ruled from the top of mountains.

  3. Most of the area is rolling upland, with a few pronounced knobs rising higher. There are also current expressions which, with time, we will expand.

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