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Oct 022012

Video about girls with hairy armpits:

For some women, cultivating body hair is a way to protest the beauty and maintenance standards placed upon them by society. After that, I decided to just let it grow and see what happens.

Girls with hairy armpits

Before and the advent of women's shaving marketing campaigns , even pinups often sported all of their body hair and women with hairy armpits were absolute norm. Some agreed, some recommended friends. But Ben reckons that normalising this tiny thing could set the tone for acceptance of the rest of our bodies, too.

Girls with hairy armpits

Girls with hairy armpits

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  1. But what about keeping it au naturel? After that, I decided to just let it grow and see what happens.

  2. They are more willing to reconsider female body hair. Rakel Lindgren is an actress and model.

  3. Some of them have even begun dying their armpit hair, receiving plenty of praise and criticism for inventing new beauty standards in the process. Girls with hairy armpits declare this trend as a form of feminism , because why should you shave for somebody else?

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