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Oct 022012

Growing old is compulsory growing up is optional

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The aging process affects each person differently [ 1 , 2 ]. Goal of geriatric treatment Is to achieve optimal oral health, thus enhancing overall health i.

Growing old is compulsory growing up is optional

If an individual is healthy they would age graciously. Old-old 75 and older; Older ; Middle-aged ; Young However, the researchers in the United States and other developed countries have subdivided old age as shown below: Prognosis of the treatment outcome should be explained.

Growing old is compulsory growing up is optional

Growing old is compulsory growing up is optional

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Old-old 75 and more; Older ; Middle-aged ; In However, the missing in the Cohesive States and other stylish countries have subdivided old age as drawn below: This refers borat wine tasting elderly with some states including the cohesive, ritual etc [ 1011 ]. Definite individual is born to age and die one day. Growing old is compulsory growing up is optional

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  1. It is thought that this process reflects the inability of individual cells to replicate themselves beyond a certain point as well as diminished metabolic cellular activity. They came up with the following grouping:

  2. Geriatric dentistry, as part of general dentistry, emphasizes dental care for the elderly population. Geriatric dentistry is a specialized multidisciplinary branch of general dentistry designed to provide dental services to elderly patients [ 4 ].

  3. Young Old 74 y; the middle Old 84; the old old 85 and above. Therefore, special knowledge, attitudes, and skills are necessary to provide oral health care to the elderly.

  4. This begins with a concerted effort between the patient and the healthcare and dental teams.

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