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Oct 022012

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Then Liyana tests her family's alleged unprejudiced beliefs when she befriends Omer, a Jewish boy. When they finally meet again, she thinks he says his name is Omar. Although Rafik fits in to his new environment easily, playing with his cousin Muhammad and learning to speak Arabic quickly, Liyana experiences extreme culture shock.

Habibi summary

After a bombing by Palestinians, the Israeli police believe that their friend Khaled has something to do with it. Most of the panelists applauded Thompson's visual storytelling, calling it "gorgeous", "mind-altering", "lavish", and singling out elements such as Thompson's use of false light, and the "poignant" image of the wooden ship in the desert. Then Liyana tests her family's alleged unprejudiced beliefs when she befriends Omer, a Jewish boy.

Habibi summary

Habibi summary

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  1. Poetically imaged and leavened with humor, the story renders layered and complex history understandable through character and incident. However, Liyana's romance with an Israeli boy develops warmly, and readers are left with hope for change and peace as Liyana makes the city her very own.

  2. Believing the unstable situation in that conflict-ridden city has improved, year-old Liyana's family moves from St. She is shocked by the violence she sees everyday as well as the strict rules girls living in Jerusalem must adhere to.

  3. Powell's This soul-stirring novel about the Abbouds, an Arab American family, puts faces and names to the victims of violence and persecution in Jerusalem today.

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