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Oct 022012

Video about half persian half himalayan cats:

Check our site to find the kitten of your dreams each kitten is listed with their info such as price, sex, color, age so please check our site first on the available page There are around named CFA coat patterns for which the Himalayan qualifies, and 20 for the Himalayan sub breed. They reserve their attention for family members and those few guests whom they feel they can trust.

Half persian half himalayan cats

The breed was originally established with a short muzzle, but over time, this characteristic has become extremely exaggerated, particularly in North America. One of the distinctions of this breed is the blue-green or green eye color only with kittens having blue or blue-purple eye color.

Half persian half himalayan cats

Half persian half himalayan cats

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  1. The disease causes thickening of the left heart chamber , which can in some instances lead to sudden death.

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