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Oct 022012

Video about hands in pockets body language:

Instead you can just keep your hands by your sides. Steepling can be an exception to these rules, as it often occurs in isolation.

Hands in pockets body language

Although both men and women use this gesture, it's the rare woman who adopts the position of holding her jacket lapel with the thumb exposed, whereas men often do. But be careful using this gesture as in some cultures it's perceived as rude and highly offensive.

Hands in pockets body language

Hands in pockets body language

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  1. A raised hands gesture has been borrowed from the Italians and French, who are the biggest users of 'hand talking'.

  2. When they do this less obviously and more slowly, they might thinking that they are going to benefit at the expense of someone else.

  3. Affection is shown with speed and duration of shake, touching with the other hand and enthusiastic smiles.

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