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Oct 022012

Video about hbn online:

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, the Herbalife Video Gallery is designed to support you and your business by keeping you well-informed and well-trained. Therefore all participant data are contained within a single, secure, electronic system to facilitate data sharing efforts of the project.

Hbn online

All data are labeled with this unique identifier. NextGen provides the infrastructure for both the collection of applicable phenotypic assessments and the participant portal.

Hbn online

Hbn online

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  1. Toggle navigation Welcome to Herbalife Video Gallery The Herbalife Video Gallery gives you the ability to watch hundreds of award-winning videos online whenever you want, around your own schedule. Only approved researchers will be granted with logins for electronic data entry, review, and processing.

  2. These incomes are applicable to the individuals or examples depicted and are not average; nor do they represent a guarantee of what you will earn.

  3. For the most recent average financial performance data applicable to the Region in which you conduct your business, please consult Herbalife. The Participant Portal is equipped with a variety of security features, including bit encryption, firewall, anti-virus software, and intrusion detection software.

  4. The intent of the agreement is to ensure that data users agree to protect participant confidentiality when handling data that contains potentially identifying information and that they will agree to take the necessary measures to prevent breaches of privacy.

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