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Oct 022012

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I finishe Not your usual self-help book, thank heavens! Ideas currently in the world ar Lessons: Scientologists, for example, will not be very happy with the bit where he describes dropping into their Life Improvement Centre.

Help oliver burkeman

Of course, if you are fortunate enough not to have to work in an office, you might find the section on "Work Life" redundant — but I experienced a powerful glow of Schadenfreude when I contemplated the lives of the people who do, and the problems they suffer. This book is like Burkeman's own literature review - he looks at the evidence for various popular theories and systems, combining this with his own opinion and trials and errors.

Help oliver burkeman

Help oliver burkeman

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  1. No; I am, barring glitches over which I have no control and overlooking the wretched state of the world, perfectly happy with the way things are going. The Asker Guesser dichotomy.

  2. In a winning aside, he says that "adding an exclamation mark to the title of your book isn't necessarily going to help make it fun. As he reminds us, it was Jimmy Carter's adviser Bert Lance who in popularised the Southern proverb "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

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