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Oct 022012

Video about hibernate cache configuration:

Entity model For our test cases, we are going to use the following domain model: These are used to validate the results as they are served from the query cache.

Hibernate cache configuration

Every cache provider is not compatible with every concurrency strategy. To provide this configuration file, use this property in hibernate configuration: Hibernate forces you to choose a single cache provider for the whole application.

Hibernate cache configuration

Hibernate cache configuration

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  1. First, you have to decide which concurrency strategy to use. Native Query Cache Region Synchronization Hibernate allows us to define the query table space through query synchronization hints.

  2. Cache memory stores recently used data items in order to reduce the number of database hits as much as possible. To download the sourcecode of above application, please follow below link.

  3. The default value is all so lazy properties are cacheable. Entity model For our test cases, we are going to use the following domain model:

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