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Oct 022012

Video about hibernate second level caching:

So now we are clear on how second level cache is used by hibernate. If you don't select by ID.

Hibernate second level caching

An aggregated entity graph yields better performance for read operations at the cost of complicating write operations. The second-level cache is primarily entity-based oriented, although it supports an optional query-caching solution as well. Query cache is invalidated each time anything related to the entity changes.

Hibernate second level caching

Hibernate second level caching

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Reader Comments

  1. To make it work, you should configure cache provider tell hibernate what entities to cache right in hbm.

  2. Whenever hibernate session try to load an entity, the very first place it look for cached copy of entity in first level cache associated with particular hibernate session. This is apart from first level cache which is available to be used globally in session factory scope.

  3. This is a perfect candidate for query cache, it will store a list of IDs in itself and when you next time select all countries, it will return this list to the process level cache and the latter, in turn, will return objects for each ID as these objects are stored already in the 2nd level cache. First time entity is fetched from database.

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