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Oct 022012

How to deal with someone who resents you

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Empathy, as such, fosters unity, transforming narcissistic into conjoined, and dismay into understanding. Pack a blanket and a light picnic snack, go to the bridge, and talk things out. Engage in daily empathy actions.

How to deal with someone who resents you

The co-worker may talk about you under her breath, insinuate you are unqualified or undeserving for what you received, or be outwardly hostile toward you in group settings. The relaxing setting and fresh air can lend itself to openness, as well as taking things less seriously.

How to deal with someone who resents you

How to deal with someone who resents you

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  1. In fact, some marriage counselors suggest that if the marriage is on a downswing, have sex at least once a day. Resentment is usually an indication of weakness.

  2. Unlike anger or rage, which require physical and psychological energy that we can't sustain for long periods of time, resentment can be easily maintained for years on end. Examine your own behavior and see if an attitude adjustment on your part improves your professional relationships.

  3. This can have a negative impact on your overall performance, and it can cut you out of the loop in terms of building good relationships with your colleagues. Encourage your partner to pursue something she is passionate about, whether a career, a volunteer opportunity, or a hobby.

  4. So what is the solution to dealing with resentment against your spouse and its possible escalation to anger? Engage in daily empathy actions.

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