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Oct 022012

Video about ignoring my boyfriend:

Of course, that's no excuse to not say anything, but at least it's a reason. This might seem unfair to you, but it's just a fact of life that some people need more silence than others. This will be especially clear to you if you notice that he is still active on Facebook or if he's still hanging out with your other friends.

Ignoring my boyfriend

Is he not responding at all? You always want something from him.

Ignoring my boyfriend

Ignoring my boyfriend

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Reader Comments

  1. Naturally, talking to you reminds him of all of that negativity. Again, that's not necessarily a good excuse, but it's understandable to a degree.

  2. If you are very negative, consider changing your mental habits—not so much for his sake, but for yours. He said he had been busy.

  3. Nothing, he just texted me way later as if nothing had happened. It is possible that he is deeply preoccupied with a huge life change or event, and has simply been too absorbed in that to contact you.

  4. He's Mad at You and Can't Deal With It Have you ever been mad at someone, but didn't know how to articulate your feelings, so you just ghosted them for a while? If your boyfriend is ignoring your texts even after you explain your intentions, then he could just need some time to cool off, or it's something else.

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