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Oct 022012

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How soon can we get that person on board? They give you this list of tasks, and they ask you how long it takes you to do them, and it never makes much sense to me.

Ihss oroville ca

In a semicircle of folding chairs, they tell their stories. The group includes a man who cares for his wheelchair-bound wife; two mothers who care for their severely autistic adolescent sons; a woman who cares for her year-old uncle; and several young women who care for non-family members. But all of them are eager for health insurance, and no one is pleased when union organizer Molly Hillis warns that the county might wait until to permit negotiations.

Ihss oroville ca

Ihss oroville ca

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  1. Those not served by Addus, more than 2, people, are cared for by individual providers, or IPs—caregivers hired, fired and supervised directly by the clients or their family members. Okumbe, who first came to Chico from Kenya as a student in , says she hopes that the new system of IHSS public authorities will play at least a small role in normalizing home care in the public imagination.

  2. Most IHSS clients are elderly, but a substantial number are younger people. Union activists fear that the county will drag its heels on creating the public authority until January , the legal deadline, unnecessarily leaving IPs to suffer for another year and a half without health insurance.

  3. She looks tired after the busy lunch rush. After all these years together, she and Hampton have an easy style of banter.

  4. Without such help, Hampton, who has no family in California, would almost certainly need to be in a skilled-nursing facility, living with much less dignity and independence and at substantially greater cost to taxpayers.

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