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Oct 022012

Video about instant message etiquette:

How to remain focused at work Be very, very concise An IM isn't the time or place to lay out deep thoughts. Basically anyone but Devin. You know what it's like at a store when the person is serving you and also speaking on the phone; it's just plain rude.

Instant message etiquette

Be brief, be quick, be gone! To clarify, texting is an electronic message sent from one cell phone to another, allowing for disjunctive sentences and many abbreviations including LOL, which I first thought meant Lots of Love versus Laughing Out Loud.

Instant message etiquette

Instant message etiquette

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  1. Many Instant Messaging services limit the amount of text that can be sent in a single message and thankfully so: Remember, all content on company systems belongs to the company and can be monitored at any time without your direct permission.

  2. Someone could easily read your words over your shoulder, or you could send your message to the wrong person inadvertently. If you have several subjects and questions, use email instead.

  3. It weakens the very system you hoped to protect, opening the floodgates to who knows how many sky-diving videos from your camp friend Devin. Use proper capital and lower case letters.

  4. Just because someone else may not use the terms "please" and "thank you", it's no reason for you not to.

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