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Oct 022012

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If if indeed was Walter White's fantasy, then, as Nussbaum wrote , it was "wayyy too subtle a cinematic fantasy that never declared itself, except in my own tiny head. It was a story that Walter White never heard. He killed the neo-Nazis with his trunk machine gun.

Jose gonzalez breaking bad

First of all, if it was all a fantasy in Walter White's mind, then why didn't the show reveal that to the audience at the end? So many of Walter White's pseudo-scientific strokes of evil genius required suspensions of disbelief, from the explosion in Tuco's clubhouse to Walt's poisoning Brock with Lily of the Valley to the wheelchair bomb that killed Gus Fring to the methylamine train heist. Emily Nussbaum, the TV critic for The New Yorker, was among the first to articulate that the finale felt very dreamlike.

Jose gonzalez breaking bad

Jose gonzalez breaking bad

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  1. That's where he died, his final prayer unanswered. Certainly, everything that came after that moment possessed an eerie, magical feeling

  2. Who would a guy like Walter White pray to? And was the final M shootout scene any more unlikely than any of Walter White's other crazy plans that miraculously worked out?

  3. He never made it out of that car in the snow, surrounded by police. He was able to have that cathartic final conversation with Skyler.

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