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Oct 022012

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On May 19th, the union and shipping association came to an agreement and all longshoremen went back to work. It uses information from two books by historian Ronald Magden: The employers set the wages, hours, and every member had to carry a "rustling card.

Longshoreman tacoma

Her compensation was initially funded by her employer for the first two years and then the OWCP. May 9th "The Great Maritime Strike of " began. December 1st In order to restrict any employer attempts to re instituteFink Hall, the ILA organized a membership drive.

Longshoreman tacoma

Longshoreman tacoma

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  1. He created one of the most socially active unions that is still in existence today. Finally after many fights amongst scabs, non-union members and union members, including a handful of murders and riots, ILA members went back to work on October 4th without winning their core demand for a closed shop.

  2. September 5 The creation of the public port in Seattle granted union members an upper hand in the control of the wharfs. Her compensation was initially funded by her employer for the first two years and then the OWCP.

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