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Oct 022012

Video about lt james cathey:

I know it's a boy. During his short military career, he had been named Marine of the Year in the division and was twice on the Super Squad for his battalion.

Lt james cathey

Captain James Koehler, an adviser to the program, says Jim regularly exceeded expectations. And I try to be really happy and excited about my son. Jim Cathey's death was a shock not just to his family, but to others in the Marines.

Lt james cathey

Lt james cathey

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  1. Accuracy and availability may vary. But his wife says that once they learned she was pregnant, Jim talked about getting out of the Marines to spend more time with his family.

  2. He finished his classes at Reno High School two months early so that he could go to boot camp.

  3. The thing that hurts is just thinking so much about the day that Jim was supposed to come home and meet his son. After a hitch as an enlisted man, he won a scholarship in to the University of Colorado, where he also worked toward his commission as an officer.

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