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Oct 022012

Video about maplewood online discussions:

At the Local, the financial model is based on the use of unpaid reporters. As a laboratory for experiments in scalable, community-focused news, Maplewood made perfect sense. Willse says the Star-Ledger will launch more hyperlocal sites this year as spinoffs of nj.

Maplewood online discussions

We follow journalistic principles. Strupp is candid about his prospects. Bidding for multi-town success, too, is the Alternative Press thealternativepress.

Maplewood online discussions

Maplewood online discussions

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  1. The Local is pursuing a variety of income streams, including a new self-service advertising model.

  2. According to Farnham, Maplewood editor Adam Bulger works with three to five regular freelancers. At the Local, the financial model is based on the use of unpaid reporters.

  3. But afterward, editor Joe Strupp, never shy about posting opinions, went his own way on what constituted controversy.

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